Associate Professor,  Department of Economics

Graduate Program Director of Economics

Director of Behavioral Economics Laboratory

Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Economic Growth

Barton School of Business, Wichita State University



“Is It What You Say, or How You Say It?” (with Xiangdong Qin and Zhiren Wu)  Acceptance at Experimental Economics

"From Adam Smith to Artificial Intelligence: An Experimental Exploration of Emotion in Humanomics" (with Xiangdong Qin, Zhiren Wu, and Xuechun Feng) Acceptance at Public Choice 

"Impact of Open-Mindedness on Information Avoidance: Tailored vs. Generic Communication" (with Delong Meng) Volume 108, February 2024, 102152 , Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 

"Is the 'Smoke-filled Room' Necessary? An Experimental Study of the Effect of Communication Networks on Collusion" (with Timothy Flannery) , Volume 89, Issue 4, April 2023, 1056-1077, Southern Economic Journal  [pdf]

"The Impact of Parental Migration on Social Interaction - A Framed Field Experiment with Left-behind Children in China" (with Hui Xu) Volume 187, July 2021, 246-257 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization [pdf]

"The Aspirational Income Hypothesis: Limits of the Relative Income Hypothesis" (with Elias Lafi Khalil, Jason Aimone, Daniel Houser, Deborah Martinez and Kun Qian) Volume 182, February 2021, 229-247, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization [pdf]

"Intention or Request: The Impact of Message Structure " (with Timothy Flannery) Feb 2021, Games, on Special Issue "Experiments on Communication in Games" [pdf]

"Collective Experimentation: A Laboratory Study" (with Cesar Martinelli and Mikhail Freer)  Volume 175, July 2020, 365-379, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization [pdf]

"Demanding or Deferring? An Experimental Analysis of the Economic Value of Communication with Attitude" (with Daniel Houser) Volume 115, May, 2019, 381-395,  Games and Economic Behavior [pdf]

"Embezzlement, Whistleblowing, and Organizational Architecture: An Experimental Investigation" (with Michael Makowsky) 2018, 147, 58-75, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization [pdf]

"The Effect of Digitalization on Penalty Payments: An Experimental Investigation" (with Xiangdong Qin) 2015, 4(8), Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics [pdf]

"Using an Exogenous Mechanism to Examine Efficient Probabilistic Punishment" (with Xiangdong Qin) 2013, 39, 1-10, Journal of Economic Psychology  [pdf]

Working Papers

Echo Chambers: Choosing Interlocutors and Messages” (with Delong Meng) Under Review 

"Moral Principles as a Deterrent to Embezzlement" (with Zhen Lei and Sen Tian) Under Review

"Determining When to Set the Price of Co-creation Products in the Freelance Market: Theory and Experiment" (with Ying Yang) Under Review

"Rooted in Local Soil, Not Swept by Global Wind: A Field Experiment on Impure Public Goods" (with Tongzhe Li) Working Paper 

Research in Progress

"Preferences For Criminal Justice Error Types: An Experiment" (with Hudja, Stanton, Jason Ralston, Jason Aimone, Lucas Rentschler, and Charles North)  Working Paper

"Should Birds of a Feather Learn Together? An Experimental Study on How Group Composition Affects Social Learning" (with Tingting Ding)

"The Effect of Election on Political Preferences" (with Thomas Stratmann)

"Motivated Guess: An Experimental Investigation on the Fair Design of Exams" (with Timothy Flannery and Benjamin Beranek)

"Communicating the Return to Education: A Field Experiment Investigating Motivated Belief" (with Hui Xu, Meng Shen, and Delong Meng)

"Multiple Remedies Contracts with Optional Damage and Communication: An Experimental Study" (with Zhiyong Liu)

"Are More Cognitively Sophisticated Individuals More Likely to Think against the Wind?" (with Shuguang Jiang and Qian Wei)

"Ensure Safety at Metro Stations: A Field Experiment Investigating Perceived Risks and Mitigation Strategies" (with Yacan Wang)


Currently Offering

Behavioral Economics and Managerial Decisions (Spring and Fall

Principles of Microeconomics (Fall)

Exploring the World of Business (Spring)

Courses Offered in the Past

Design and Analysis of Experimental Economics, Econometrics II, Intermediate Microeconomics, Industrial Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Economics, Business Statistics